Asphalt Seal Coating Guide Part II

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Seal coating asphalt surfaces is a common method contractors perform to increase its stability and resistance against outer elements. If the appearance and quality of your residential driveway or commercial parking lot need some boost, you need to hire the experts in your neighborhood to get the job done right the first time. This blog continues the topic started in the previous one.


After your pavement is completely clean and debris-free, a good asphalt contractor will fill in all the cracks and minor holes. Applying a seal coat over damaged surfaces will have only a short-term effect. Now is the time for him to prepare the refined coal tar sealer. Mixing the right substances in the right proportion is the key to a successful project. Applying the seal coat is the last important step. It should not be applied over hot surfaces. After that, they will need at least eight hours to dry well.


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