Asphalt Seal Coating Guide Part I

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How Does a Professional Paving Contractor Apply Seal Coating?


If you want to prolong the life of your asphalt paving surface, you should contact a dependable paving contractor to apply seal coating. Such a project has so many advantages, staring from a marvelous and appealing look till making your pavement a safer surface for all vehicles. How does it have to be performed?


The first factor to plan such a project would be the weather conditions, of course. Asphalt seal coating is a serious project that must be executed in ideal conditions, like in a warm and sunny day with a low humidity level. Next thing to consider is the materials used. A good contractor will use only high-quality materials to offer you exceptional quality, such as refined coal tar. The first compulsory phase of the seal coating process is preparation. The surface that is about to be treated must be cleaned from any dirt and debris, as well as pieces of old asphalt with the help of special mechanical sweepers, brooms, and brushes.


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